Are you an entrepreneur, or thinking of starting your own business?

Our Lean Thinking for Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups class is what you need to learn how to create a small business that operates efficiently. 

Startup businesses are not small versions of larger businesses. They have different management needs. Entrepreneurs have a 'Vision' of what their business will be.

In addition to learning how to apply Lean Management ideas to your business, this class will help you determine if there is a market for your idea, get your product to market quicker, and reduce risk with more effective processes.

Lean Thinking for Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups
Port Townsend Community Center
| 630 Tyler Street, Port Townsend

May 16th & 23rd, 2017 | 1pm - 5pm | $150

Now only $75 due to a generous grant from the

Herbert B. Jones Foundation!

Enroll TODAY and take your business to the next level!



Registration is now open for our Summer 2017 Improving Enterprise Productivity With Lean Thinking classes.


Click here for class details and to register TODAY!



EDC Team Jefferson is located in the Business Resource Center at 2409 Jefferson Street in Port Townsend, along with The Chamber of Jefferson County and the Visitors Information Center. Come see us and let us help you and your business thrive!

Since our founding in 2007, EDC Team Jeffersonhas brought over $6.5 million in new funds to Jefferson County, provided assistance and funding to hundreds of new businesses, and successfully set a positive tone of collaborative leadership for business in the new economy.






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